Dismantling How to Find the Most Effective Traffic on Youtube

So, a few months I am building a channel, although eventually banned youtube for some reason is not clear. And from that experience, there are some patterns that I see turned out to be a tool to look for traffic on youtube. Most mastah would say that to increase traffic, should optimize the title, description, tags. But beyond that, there are some other things that you can use to increase traffic from youtube. I love some of the common ways that we recommended youtube video:

Dismantling How to Find the Most Effective Traffic on Youtube

create compelling titles, the most ordered by mastah, and I used to do. but after some time I realized, just a catchy title ga enough, you have to create a title that is intriguing, take advantage of the audience emotionally, myself already know the trick even this, and know that the video was only the title clickbaiting, still wrote clicking on the video such as the title ..

types of interesting titles:
1. Strange, for example: this girl find 20 twin worldwide
2. Dealing with religion, for example: this baby is born with the name of Allah in his head (usually added with the words GOD Mashallah, Subhan Allah, etc. at the beginning of the title)
3. Using a number, for example: 12 unique facts of ants around the world
4. Using the dots, for example: This man went into the cave, then ... (the trick is not my practice, but akhir2 I see a lot of video to use it)
5. Using the word exaggerated (hiperbo'ol, ehmm sorry, I mean hyperbole), for example: the best DotA players in the world, most expensive car in 2016, including Mashallah kata2 GOD and subhanallah above, the video klo English, usually add a word: AMAZING, WOW, OMG
6. Educational, for example: how to find a girlfriend for the singles
7. Kayak MLM ads or TV ads, TV ads or know right MLM, yes, lebay. nah turutin wrote format, for example: This man married five beautiful women at once, Want to know how to do?
8. already it used to be, forgotten because ..

The description is important, there are some tips you can use to descriptions, white hat or gray hat.

1. Enter the title at the beginning and end of the description
2. Enter a description of shaped articles with keywords (like klo make articles for adsense websites)
3. Enter a link to subscribe to shorten url (using goo.gl aja)
4. Enter the social media links (google +, facebook, twitter, instagram)
5. Enter the tags in the description (gray hat, can sometimes banned, use with your own risk)
6. Enter the wikipedia link on the topic that you created at the end of the description (before the title at the end of the description)

to tags, now there are some who use google keyword planner, there is the use keywordtool.io, and some other keywords, it's up to each dah. only important that, enter a name for your channel as tags first, as this will be the reference tags of your channel so when people watch one of your videos, your other videos will appear in the sidebar on the right recommended youtube

not many people know that images can also be optimized, how to right click your thumbnail image, then go to properties, go to the details tab. in the DESCRIPTION section, change the Title, Subject, Comment Tags, and according to your video (title filled title, subject filled a brief description, tags filled tags), and then press the APPLY

then the important thing, make THUMBNAIL consistent and professional. Consistent that mean in terms of design (use of color, fonts, thumbnail format). as much as possible enter one of three crucial elements, namely images of people (your own image if for example you are a gamer, or a picture of a person running klo nichenya sport, etc.), images of women or infants (for clickbaiting), and the image object zooming (if for example nichenya car, car picture zooming).

in other cases, many also use thumbnails with circles and arrows in red. or thumbnail excessive (eg, videos of the best magicians, there are pictures of people nyolok thumbnailnya translucent nose to the eyes, the obvious photoshop edits)

as well as thumbnails, when you upload a video, the video name can also be optimized, can also be given a description, tags, etc. the same way as the thumbnail above

Anyway, the title of this thread also included clickbaiting, due to excessive, but I love to know just basic tips alone
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5. Revenue Hits
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Blog is short for web blog which means a website that contains a collection of articles and can be updated regularly. In addition, the blog also allows for visitors to comment and Blog can also be used for many activities, such as to be used as a book or online diary, as well as for writing newspaper articles as well as digital.

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Blogger Community
Blogger community is a bond that is formed from the Blogger based on certain commonalities, such as the area of origin similarity, similarity campus, in common hobbies, and so on. The bloggers who are members of communities of bloggers are usually often hold activities together such as ground coffee.

Blog itself has characteristics that have a name and address which can be accessed online, have a purpose, have the post or content of information, notes, and articles

Broadly speaking Blog is divided into two (2) types. That is :

1. Personal Blog
Personal blog is the most common type of blog you have encountered, which serves as a record of a person or online diary. And personal blog is a type of blog, which first appeared.

2. Business Blog
Business blog is a blog that is used to communicate a company to customers or consumers, offer services, or information about the business is being run. Blog businesses also used for strengthening the brand, or functioned for services to the community as a means of promotion.

Some bloggers are now even have made her blog as a source of major revenue through advertising programs, such as AdSense, post paid, selling links, or affiliates. So then came the term professional blogger, or ProBlogger, that is, those who depend only on the activity of blogging, as many revenue channels funds, either in the form of dollars or rupiah, from this blogging activity.

General Purpose Blog
The general objective of the blog itself, among others, can be used to share experiences, exchange knowledge / knowledge by the reader, as a tool for performance or self-actualization, to spend leisure time and hobbies, providing benefits to themselves or others.

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